5 Ways to Utilise Your Time and Continue Feeling Fit and Healthy (during isolation)

1. Switch Off

This goes back to structuring your day; setting aside time to relax, work and get other tasks done. You may feel like you don’t want to sit around doing nothing or even guilty at the fact you have a bit more spare time just now. But how many times have we told ourselves that we should be doing something and all of a sudden a full day has passed and we’ve not achieved much or managed to relax?

Set aside some time in your day, whether it be half an hour to catch the latest episode of your favourite TV show or to get stuck in to a new book. Giving yourself the time to relax can help you be more productive in other parts of your day.

2. Recover Hard!

More time indoors usually means more time sitting which can lead to us feeling a bit stiffer than normal. Why not take some time out of your day to stretch and ease off those tight muscles? From 10 minutes of basic stretching to a full hour of advanced yoga, anything you do will have a positive impact on how you feel physically and mentally for the rest of the day.

3. Upskill

Extended periods of down time can provide us with a chance to develop a new skill. The hour of travelling to work every day can be replaced with practicing something different. Explore a new language. Try your hand at some DIY projects around the house. Take an online course to excel in your current job or to study an area you’ve never had time for in the past.

4. Set Goals

Not being able to see what the next few months hold can be daunting. What happens way down the line is out of most people’s control but we can turn our attention to the short term and do our best to optimise our efforts to the things we’d like to achieve in the near future.  

Aim to look ahead in days & weeks instead of months and years. What can you achieve in the next week that will keep you moving forward? It can be anything at all; finishing off a report for University, painting your spare bedroom, responding to all work emails. All of those small, seemingly insignificant goals will add up, boosting productivity, self-esteem and mental health in general.

5. Stay Social

A big one when it comes to making the most of isolation. We may not be able to go out and meet friends for lunch at the moment but we can stay in contact. Social media, phone calls, FaceTime and a few other options allow us to stay in touch with everyone. Reaching out to a friend or loved one can help keep some form of normality in these strange times and can be the difference between a day of loneliness or a day of happiness to you or the person you speak to.

David Low – Fitness Instructor

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