Social Connections

Social Connections

What is social connection?

Social connection doesn’t mean you need to be physically present with people, it is a person’s feeling of being understood and connected to others. At this point in time when we have to socially distance ourselves from others it has never been more important to keep those social connections going.

Why is it important?

You know the saying, ‘Healthy mind, healthy body’? It’s true, people who have a positive mental attitude tend to live longer, eat healthier and generally just feel better within themselves.

There are so many different ways to keep in touch and stay in touch with people and yet it’s so easy to let life get in the way – you’re working, spending time with the family, getting your workout in, making meals, food shopping, cleaning, DIY, the list goes on and on and before you know it the weekend or a few weeks have passed…with this in mind, I am setting you a challenge…

‘The Re-Connect Challenge’

This challenge is different to a lot of the others you will see on our social media platforms. This challenge is all about re-connecting with friends, family and even neighbours – How is Doris down the road getting on?

You know that friend/family member that you say, ‘We must arrange a catch up’ and 6 months down the line you realise that catch up hasn’t happened yet? My challenge to you is to pick up that phone and call, text or video chat with them for a catch up. Find out how they are doing, how are they spending their days just now? There’s a lot of people I know that have gone back to old hobbies or have picked up new ones in the last few weeks that previously they couldn’t do because they just didn’t have the time, life had got in the way. Anyway, my point is…Get in touch with them! Use this time to re-connect and find out how they are doing. Your call might be all they (or you) need to brighten up their mood.

Lauri Smith – Membership Services Officer & ETM Instructor


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