Benefits of Small Group Personal Training

Struggle to motivate yourself to hit the gym? Keen to go but unsure what to do when you’re there? Want to train in a fun environment with your friends? Small group personal training may be the answer! We have recently introduced sessions at Douglas, DISC and Lochee with maximum capacity of 8 participants to give you all the benefits of personal training in a small group setting. Come and be coached by one of our expert fitness instructors through a 30 or 45 minute session focussing on either Endurance, Strength or HIIT. Workouts are different each session keeping it fresh, exciting and a challenge every time you step through the door. You’ll never get bored!

Endurance: a mixture of muscular and cardiovascular endurance work. 45 minutes Strength: focus on full body strength exercises.45 minutes HIIT: shorts bursts of high intensity exercise (typically 20-40 seconds) followed by lower intensity recovery period. 30 minutes Form: a technique based session for complete beginners to introduce them to our Synergy rig system. 45 minutes By keeping the class numbers small we have ensured you will get individual coaching, attention and motivation whilst still being able to train with others in an encouraging and fun atmosphere. Bonds are built through sweating together through a tough workout! As they say: “misery loves company!” One of the key benefits of small group personal training is the knowledge you will gain from learning new exercises and being able to incorporate them into your own workout routine.

You may be introduced to new pieces of kit you’ve never touched before or shown new ways to use kit you’re familiar with already. It is a great opportunity to refine your technique, ensure you are moving safely and training effectively. Our sessions at Douglas and Lochee are based around our fantastic new Synergy rig system which features multiple different modules incorporating TRX suspension trainers, dual adjustable pulleys, battle ropes, pull up stations, punch bags and lots more. This allows almost unlimited options for sessions and creates a dynamic workout environment. At DISC we have a dedicated Small Group PT Studio which includes ski erg, skill mill (curved treadmill), plyo boxes, tyres, slam balls, power bags and kettlebells. The options are endless and you are at the mercy of your instructor’s imagination!

Come along and try out our Small Group Personal Training. To view or book into a class please visit